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Our Pre-Readers!

 I love this set

We’ve used the Bob books, Diego phonics, Curious George phonics and by far this is the best "set" of books for my 4 year old boy. Each book focuses on a different phrase, so the repetition of certain words builds confidence.

The stickers have been a great reward system, for us. Generally I am selective about using rewards - I’d prefer my son learn to read simply for the enjoyment of reading, and not for the sticker - but I have to say that stickers work! I volunteer for 1st & 2nd graders who are “behind” their classmates (something I really don’t agree with in our public schools) and stickers motivate them to read, even at that age. It also becomes a quick way for them to see how many books they’ve read.

I commend the teacher who started this set, and hope more educators are able to put their real-life expertise out for parents like me!

– Lisa P. 

 Great for beginning readers & even include reward stickers

I love these book sets from the Now I’m Reading series. There is a parent guide included and a set of stickers so that when your child finishes a book she can put a sticker in it. There are several stickers for each book so it encourages reading and re-reading the books which is an important key to learning. My daughter loves the whimsical and colorful illustrations and she is very motivated to read from her experiences with these books.

– Katie N.

Our Level 1 Readers!

 Excellent! Must buy for reading with your child!

Love this book! It has helped my kindergartener SO much with her reading! She loves to read these stories with me at night and get stickers as a reward. I’m going to buy more in this series!

– Heather K.

 Just amazing

My son is in preschool and has had many school closing due to a lot of snow in our area over the past couple of months. I didn’t want to him to miss out on any teachings, so I bought these based on some research and positive reviews. I have to say that these are amazing. The first day, my son already read through 2 of the books. He was so excited that he was able to finish these little books on his own and loved the sticker incentives. He just glowed after finishing each page. I really liked the questions at the end for comprehension because that is one key thing they are focusing on in school. I just can’t stress enough how wonderful these sets are. He looks forward to reading each book and wants to reread the ones he’s already read so that he can master them. If you want to help your little one learn to read, get these sets.

– Ashley Y.

Our Level 2 Readers!

 Best Early Reader’s Set

This is the best early reader set I’ve found for our kids. Hands down. The kids love reading one book a night and earning one of the 40 stickers included in the set. Maybe it’s the illustrations. Maybe it’s the packaging (10 books in a magnetically clasped quasi-binder). The stories are a bit more imaginative and funny than what we’ve found in other early readers. I also appreciate that all of the words seem skill level appropriate. We’ve experienced other early reader sets which throw curve ball words that are beyond the stated skill level. All that said, we’ve already gone through two sets and two more are on the way.

– Aengus J.

 Great for Kindergarteners

My son loves to read because of these books. He can get through them, comprehends what he’s reading, and is proud of his accomplishment after each one. Excellent purchase!

– J. B. G.