About Rocket

Rocket_ReadingwithBird_cropped2.jpg Rocket, a scruffy black and white dog with a love of learning, is the beloved star of a series of picture books created by the #1 New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Tad Hills, who also created the bestselling
Duck & Goose series. Like his legions of young fans, Rocket is a beginning reader and writer. He masters basic literacy skills with the help of his inspirational teacher, the little yellow bird. Adored by kids, parents, teachers, and librarians everywhere, the Rocket series is tailor-made for young readers- and writers-in-the-making, and a fun, accessible tool to prepare children for school.
The first book in the series, How Rocket Learned to Read, the New York Times bestseller, is perfect for kids in preschool through first grade, who will love seeing Rocket learn the sounds of each letter, sound out words, and listen excitedly to storybooks, just as they do.
The irresistible sequel, Rocket Writes a Story, the #1 New York Times bestseller, is just right for students in kindergarten through second grade learning to write stories of their own. In this book, Rocket collects new words for his word tree, searches for inspiration, writes—and rewrites—every day, and, finally, shares his story with a new friend.