Want to know how to raise a reader? See how graphic novels like Babymouse can help!

Journal Quotes

"Move over, Superman, here comes Babymouse!"Chicago Sun-Times

"Nobody puts Babymouse in the corner!"The Horn Book Magazine, Starred

"Emergent readers will cheer 'Babymouse!'"Kirkus Reviews

"A new hero emerges in . . . Babymouse."—The Bulletin

"Sassy, smart . . . Babymouse is here to stay."—The Horn Book Magazine

"The brother-sister creative team hits the mark with humor, sweetness, and characters so genuine that can pass for real kids."—Booklist

"Babymouse is spunky, ambitious, and, at times, a total dweeb."—School Library Journal

[On Squish] "An energetic, good-hearted escapade, one that young readers will enjoy."—The New York Times

* "Hilarious. If ever a new series deserved to go viral, this one does."—Kirkus Reviews, starred

"A perfect mix of writing that is simple enough for early readers but still remarkably snarky, clever, and entertaining."—The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"A new graphic novel series that will have readers everywhere clapping their pseudopods in glee."—Bookends (Booklist blog)

Reviews from Kids

Jasyln B., 9
"Babymouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did someone say Babymouse? I love Babymouse I am like the stalker of BABYMOUSE. I love love love love Babymouse. Please tell me you all like Babymouse. If you don’t you just made me shiver. Well, please enjoy BABYMOUSE, FOR ME!"

Griffin, 9
"I love it because it is an adventure book that has all this crazy stuff and Babymouse is funny with her life. I think you guys would love Babymouse."

Sydney B., 9
"I love Babymouse because it can teach people to read and it is really good. Plus, I love Jennifer Holm. I love Jennifer Holm because she is really pretty and she inspires me. And also because I love all the wonderful books she has created."

Hunter, 9
"Babymouse is awesome and funny. All kids should read a Babymouse."

Logan K., 9
"Babymouse is funny and I love it so much. If I didn’t know about Babymouse I would die."

Ashley K., 10
"I like how she gets woke up late and the narrator says, “Babymouse I think the bus is here.” She always has to walk to school. I like Babymouse Skater Girl because she gets really tired and she goes crazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyy."

Ti S., 10
"What I love about Babymouse is that she is funny, and she imagines stuff that I like to do, like surfing. That is in Babymouse Beach Babe. Another reason is because it has a song in one of the books and it that is really funny too :)"

Soham D., 9
"I love Babymouse because she has a great imagination and I like how her Locker brings her on adventures."

Abbie H., 9
"Babymouse is funny. I like how her locker has everything in it. Do you like cupcakes? Babymouse loves cupcakes!"

Ashley R., 9
"I like Babymouse because there is epic awesomeness in the beginning and middle and even the end. I want to be able to read the book Babymouse For President."

Brady D. 9
"I like Babymouse because it is funny and you will make you jump off your feet and laugh. And it is made by Jennifer L. Holm one of the best novelist EVER."

Caleb J., 10
"Everything!!!!!!! Well because it is funny, entertaining, AWESOME, EPIC and creative."

Emily S., 9
"Hi! I love Babymouse because she has so many adventures. It doesn’t just make you love reading, but it also has life lessons, like with you and your friends."

Cameron M., 10
"What I like about Babymouse is that it has lots of imagination. It required a lot of skill towrite Babymouse. You should at least try it."

Katie R., 9
"I love Babymouse because………It is funny, it is a graphic novel. and I love it."

Jayla C., 10
"What I love about Babymouse is how it’s a very good adventures and because it’s pink and well, I like the color pink. Also the writing in Babymouse is awesome!!!!"