Betsy Franco


Betsy Franco

BETSY FRANCO has written over eighty books for children and young adults, including picture books, poetry collections, and novels. Among her acclaimed math-themed titles are Mathematickles! and Bees, Snails, & Peacock Tails. Betsy's feline poetry collection, A Curious Collection of Cats, was her first book with Tricycle Press. She lives in Northern California with her husband, Doug, and gets tremendous inspiration from her three creative sons.

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Double Play

By by Betsy Franco; illustrations by Doug Cushman

Brrriiiing! Recess time! Little chimps Jill and Jake find more than just their favorite games in the schoolyard today. They also discover the important mathematical concept of doubling, or adding ...

Recommended for AGE 3-7 years

Release Date July 12, 2011

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A Dazzling Display of Dogs

By Betsy Franco (poems); illustrations by Michael Wertz

From the award-winning team behind A Curious Collection of Cats comes a new collection of visual poems celebrating all things canine—from obedience school, to backyard break outs, to flatulent ...

Recommended for AGE 3-7 years

Release Date Jan. 25, 2011

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Zero Is The Leaves On The Tree

By Betsy Franco; Illustrated by Shino Arihara

It's easy to count three of something-- just add them up. But how do you count zero, a number that is best defined by what it's not?

Can ...

Recommended for AGE 5-8 years

Release Date Sept. 8, 2009

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A Curious Collection of Cats

By Betsy Franco

The quirky ways of cats are exquisitely captured in more than thirty original visual poems. From acrobat-flipping to toilet-bowl-sipping, couch-scratching to dog-catching, this insightful collection celebrates the fickle feline in ...

Recommended for AGE 3-7 years

Release Date April 14, 2009

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Call Me Mimi

By Francis Chalifour

Mimi loves flowers, crystal chandeliers, kittens, Céline Dion’s voice, the color pink, swaths of satin, the Queen of England, and chocolate. Far, far too much chocolate. She craves ...

Recommended for AGE 12 and up

Release Date Oct. 14, 2008

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